Magic Slideshow™ parameters

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Parameters for Magic Slideshow™
Parameter Default Options Description
speed 5 numeric Change the slide speed in seconds (0 - manual)
loop yes yes/no Restart slideshow after last image
loop-type next first/next Continue to next image or slide all the way back
thumbnails outside inside/outside/off Position of thumbnails
width auto 'auto' or numeric Slideshow width (pixels)
height auto 'auto' or numeric Slideshow height (pixels)
arrows yes yes/no Show arrows
arrows-opacity 0.6 numeric Opacity of arrows new in 1.1
arrows-hover-opacity 1.0 numeric Opacity of arrows on mouse over new in 1.1
thumbnail-opacity 0.8 numeric Opacity of thumbnails (0-1)
direction right top/right/bottom/left Direction of slide
effect scroll scroll/fade/none Effect for image sliding
effect-next scroll scroll/fade/none Effect when arrow is clicked
effect-jump fade scroll/fade/none Effect when thumbnail is clicked
effect-duration 1.0 numeric Duration of effects (seconds)
text effect always/effect Display text always or give it an effect
text-effect fixed fixed/slide/fade Choice of text effects
text-delay 0.5 numeric Delay before the text effect starts
text-opacity 0.6 numeric Opacity of text and backgrounds
text-position bottom top/bottom Position of text (must be different to 'container-position') new in 1.1
container-size auto 'auto' or numeric Size of thumbnails container (pixels)
container-position top top/right/bottom/left Position of thumbnail container
container-opacity 0.3 numeric Opacity of thumbnail container
container-speed 10 numeric Speed that thumbnails move (pixels per second)
container-padding 0 numeric Padding beetwen container and slideshow (pixels)
preserve yes yes/no Use original image proportions or stretch them to same size
loading-text text Display text with the loading icon (empty by default)
start 1 numeric Choose which image to start slideshow at
pause off hover/click/thumbnail-click/off Pause slideshow new in 1.1
autostart yes yes/no Autostart slideshow on document ready new in 1.1
preload-in-order no yes/no Preload images simultaneously or one-at-a-time new in 1.1
z-index 200 numeric Starting zIndex
use-links yes yes/no Enable/Disable links
links-window _self _self/_blank/_parent/_top Page where a link should load